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Playground Safety Advice from the Perspective of an 11 Year Old

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


When addressing playground safety issues, I thought it would be interesting to post an article from a child’s point of view. My 11 year old daughter provided me with the following article on Playground Safety:

On the playground, kids just want to have fun. Boys like to play sports like football and soccer. Girls like to play on the jungle gym. The boys’ games can get pretty intense and the girls’ jungle gym play can get competitive.

The teachers monitoring the playground cannot see every child playing at once. Let’s just say your child is participating in a football game at school during recess. There is a fifth grader on the other team while your child is only in the second grade. Your child may have the chance to catch the ball BOOM! The big fifth grader tackles your child. After the incident, the teachers come running toward your child. They call you, the parent, and tell you about the terrible occurrence.

Thereafter, you arrive at the school and take your child to the doctor. You then find out that your child has a broken wrist.

To avoid this happening to your child or another child in the future, you should ask your child what they were doing with their friends. If some activity taking place does not sound safe or appropriate, you should speak to the teacher and, if necessary, the principal about the dangerous activity.

You should ask that the school to provide close supervision of your child and other children during recess and other times on the playground. A school and its staff should always do their best to keep kids safe.

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