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Whittier California 10 Year Old Ocean View Elementary School Student Suspended for Accidentally Shooting Another Student

By Scott A. Marks, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In California and other States, guns including pellet and bb guns have no place on campus or at the school or even near the school. In Whittier, California, a 10 year old boy purchased a pellet type of gun from an ice cream truck / ice cream man. Thereafter, he accidentally shot the pellet son at another student. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries that resulted from the incident. The matter was reported to school officials who later suspended the 10 year old student.

While there were no serious personal injuries reported, there was certainly a danger or risk of serious personal injuries any time that there is a child using a pellet gun without safety precautions and without adult supervision. There is also a danger that a police officer or other person could mistake a toy gun or a pellet gun for a real gun.

Parents, teachers, and other adults should do their best to educate their children on the dangers of both real guns and toy guns. Furthermore, selling items like a pellet gun from an ice cream truck near an elementary school is problematic. City officials could consider a city ordinance banning or regulating such sales. You can read more about this story at Boy Suspended from School in Whittier California Regarding a Pellet Gun Incident.

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