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Radiological Society of North America – Parents and Caregivers Beware – Soda Pop Tops Still Present Choking Risks to Children


A story posted at Med Page Today covered the choking dangers of pop top tabs on soda cans. Years ago, the soft drink and beer industry made changes to the design of the pop top. The new design called the “stay tab” helped keep the pop top connected to the can even after opening. This new design also reduced some little and the minor dangers of stepping on a pull tab. Doctors at the Radiological Society of North American recently reviewed the topic of choking hazards involving pop tops or stay tabs. Choking incidents in ER rooms and doctor’s offices continue to be reported even after the introduction of the stay tab to the market. Stay tabs can be removed and do fall off. As such, with any small foreign object, there is a choking risk to children. For parents, teachers, day care providers, and care givers, due diligence should be taken to prevent children from choking on small items ranging from stay tabs to coins to buttons to small toys. Keep your chidren safe.

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