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Richmond, Virginia Officials Investigate School Bus Incident – Child Left on School Bus

By Kevin Leach, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Virginia and other states, the summer heat poses a particularly dangerous risk to children. A child left unattended in a vehicle is at risk for serious personal injuries including death from hyperthermia, heat stroke, and other causes. Parents, day care providers, teachers, bus drivers, and others should never leave a child unattended on a vehicle for any period of time. Children lack safety awareness. This is especially true for elementary school and day care children. Schools, day care centers, and summer camps should have a policy / procedure, checklist, and a check / balance system to make sure that no children is left unattended or alone in a school bus, van, or other vehicle. Setting policies and following policies will save lives. Taking shortcuts or relying on pure memory and attention can lead to serious personal injuries to children. In Richmond, Virginia, officials are investigating an incident in which a five year child was forgotten or left on the a bus. The student was supposed to be taken to Summer Hill Elementary School. It was reported that the driver as a substitute driver who failed to or forgot to check the bus when it was parked. This was a policy in place for the school district. It is great to have policies. It is also important to train drivers on these policies and for the policies to be followed. You can read more about this story at Richmond Prosecutors and Police Investigate School Bus Incident.

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