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School District in Georgetown Massachusetts Considering Instruction in Dealing with Gunmen in Schools

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Georgetown Public School System in Massachussetts is considering giving students instruction in dealing with gunmen on school grounds. It is part of the “Code Blue” safety program. The instruction would include telling children to use backpacks or textbooks to try to fend off the gunman. A school resource police officer suggested the program in Georgetown, Massachusetts after hearing of a similar program being offered in the State of Florida. The instruction may need to be judged on results. If a child dies as a result of taking some kind of initiative or action as instructed, then many will say it was a bad idea. If a child is saved with such intervention, the school district and officer may be then seen as innovative heroes. You can read more about this program at Controversy Over Instruction to Teach Students to Fight Back Against Gunmen in Georgetown, Massachusetts.

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