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Slidell, Louisiana Man Arrested Man for Death of 22 Month Old Girl

By J. Rock Palermo, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Slidell, Louisiana, a man was arrested and charged with the death of a 22 month old girl. As reported in the WWLTV News, the St. Tammany Sheriff’s office believes that Rubie Boland was shaken and assaulted by her babysitter at the time – Andrew Roberts (age 20).

The grandmother called an ambulance to get some medical assistance for the child. She was then rushed to a local hospital but the doctors were unable to save her life from the alleged attack that caused this life ending personal injuries to this small child.

St. Tammany Sheriff Strain reported that Mr. Roberts was already having a “bad day” prior to the incident. Rubie Boland had a potty accident which is common for children of this age. Apparently, Mr. Roberts responded harshly to this incident by
picking Rubie up by her feet and slamming her against the floor.

The assault and truly excessive discipline alleged to have been committed by Mr. Roberts causes serious personal injuries and traumatic brain damages to this helpless and defenseless child.

You can read more about this story at Man Charged in Shaken Baby Assault / Attack Regarding Death of 22 Month Old Girl in Louisiana.

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