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 By  David Wolf, Attorney

School Bus - Summer Heat - Personal InjuryIn North Carolina and other states, day care centers are subject to various rules and regulations.  Most day care laws are governed by state statute. There are some local ordinances as well.  When rules and regulations are violated, children are put at risk for personal injury and even death.   One simple rule, that for one reason or another, continues to be violated by day care centers involves the use and documentation of list as each child departs day care regulations.   That’s right, this simple regulation only requires pen, paper, due diligence, common sense, and last but not least attentiveness. When this regulation is violated, a child can be left behind and put at great risk for personal injury.  This is especially true during hot summer months and cold witness months.  In addition, any time that a child is left behind on a day care center school or bus, a child may be injured by other means like strangulation, poisoning, choking, etc. . .
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