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By David Wolf, Attorney

Published by the Child Injury Lawyer Blog

NX_truck_rear_contnrThroughout Tennessee and other states, trucks, tractor trailers, and big rigs are common sites on the roads, highways, and expressways.   Certainly, big trucks are an important part of both intrastate and interstate commerce. Theres large commercial trucks also pose a significant risk of serious injuries and deaths to adults and children alike to the size disparity between these trucks and common personal vehicles / automobiles.   Because of this, it is important that commercial truck drivers are well trained, alert, and well rested.  Furthermore, excessive speed and daydreaming need to be avoided as well.  Finally, driver distractions should be limited and removed whenever possible.  Texting while any vehicle including but limited to a commercial truck is simply careless and can and does lead to serious accidents causing personal injuries and the deaths of others.
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