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Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign
By David Wolf, Attorney

Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

Halloween is a wonderful tradition for most children in most neighborhoods.  It is a magical night for most who venture out to knock on doors to get free candy.  It is a night full of adventure and fun.  Unfortunately for some children and their parents, Halloween marks the day / night when tragedy strikes.   Despite the fact that Halloween always falls on same day of the year and the fact that Halloween is a well known tradition filled with child pedestrians and trick or trickers, there are still pedestrian accidents, personal injuries, and even deaths that take place on Halloween.  With a long standing tradition of trick or treaters, Halloween is a magical night but also a very dangerous one.  It can be quite a challenge to drive a vehicle in any residential or commercial area on Halloween night.  It is important to drive with the utmost of caution.  Drivers should not just obey the speed limits and local traffic regulations. Drivers should drive well below the speed limits and be on the look out for children.

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