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By David A. Wolf, Child Injury Lawyer Blog

Skateboards-300x249Let’s face it. There is never a good time for a child to be injured.  As parents, we work tirelessly to provide for our children and keep them safe.  Unfortunately, situations, incidents, and accidents take place that lead to or cause personal injuries to children.  Some incidents are foreseeable and some are not.  Some are preventable and some are not. For instance, if a child is a passenger in a motor vehicle that is rear ended, there typically is nothing that could have been done to prevent the accident from taking place in most situations.  There are other injuries that take place during the holiday season that may be prevented or lessened through better supervision and the implementation of safety measures.

Many children are injured during the holidays after receiving new toys that require balance that they have yet to obtain. To avoid this, children must have appropriate supervision when playing with their new toys. In addition to lack of supervision with new toys, some toys may also have manufacturing or design defects that can cause injuries to a child.  In addition, injuries during the holidays occur because there are more people on the roads due to holiday travel. It is important to have properly installed car seats and booster seats to minimize the risk of injury in an accident, it is also important to have the proper equipment for traveling in harsh weather conditions such as ice and snow. However, even with these safety measures, some accidents are unavoidable and require legal guidance. Yet another reason that injuries occur during the holidays is an increase in alcohol consumption due to holiday festivities such as New Year’s Eve.

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