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By David A. Wolf

Child Injury Lawyer Blog

House with Red Roof Personal InjuriesOne of the safest place for children should be the home.   As parents, we work tirelessly to provide for a clean and safe living environment for our children.  Other safe places for children should include schools, day care centers, child care centers, and summer camps.  Unfortunately for some children who are in some supposedly safe environments, serious injuries take place.  When a company manufacturers, distributes, and / or sells a household product, piece of furniture, or safety gate, the consumer should be able to justifiably rely on the quality of the product and the intended use and function of the product.   A recent recall of safety or child gates by IKEA is a prime example of a product that allegedly failed which, int turn, caused personal injuries to unsuspecting children.   The safety gate had a latch that apparently disengaged which, in turn, allowed the gate to open.   The safety gate was used in many homes to block off an area leading to or from stairs in a home.   Stairs can be extremely dangerous to infants, toddlers, and small children.   It should be noted that a products liability case like other types of personal injury cases involves four essential elements as follows:

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