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 By  David Wolf, Attorney

Gymnast Personal InjuryIt is certainly an important part of childhood for most children to participate in some sports related activity.  From football to cheerleading to gymnastics to soccer and all sports in between and beyond, youth sports and related activities help make our children more active and better rounded as they mature and head out into the world beyond high school.   For some children especially those in elementary and pre-school, participation in sports related activities can and do lead to serious personal injuries.  Are there inherent risks any time that a child participates in an activity or sports related practice, game, or exhibition?  The simple answer to this question is “Yes”.  However, there are two questions that should be answered when evaluating a potential case involving a sports related activity:
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By  Keith Kerfeld, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney

Building Block - M - Day Care CenterIn Minnesota, day care centers are only as good as the staff that they hire.  It is important that a day care center perform a background check, train, and otherwise supervise the staff members providing care to the children enrolled in the day care program.  Due to a lack of training, supervision, or just inaction, apathy, or lazziness on behalf of the child care provider, children are far too often injured while under the care of a Minnesota day care provider.   There are two major reasons why children are harmed while under the care of a day care center:  1. Improper Maintenance of the Day Care Center; and / or 2. Improper Supervision.   Let’s address the second reason:  Improper Supervision.

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