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By David A. Wolf, Child Injury Lawyer

Toy Blocks E & AIn Minnesota and other States, working parents rely on day care centers so that the parents can provide for their children.  While parents, given a choice, would have one parent at home or a family member at home to raise the child during the tender years, the economic realities of life make it necessary to put a child in a day care program.  Some day care programs are excellent while others are operated by ill equipped and trained people who open a day care center for the sole purpose of making a living.  The substandard day care centers often fail to get licenses, fail to train their staff, and fail to look after the best interest of the child.  In addition to training of staff and maintaining a safe environment, there is something else that is needed in every day care center in the form of “patience”.  It is well known that children, especially infants, will cry and fuss.  Because of this, it does take a certain temperament, personality, and, yes, patience to properly care for a child in a day care center.

A bizarre set of facts took place recently in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was reported that a day care center provider got fed up with her job and placed a child in a noose to hang the child. The day care provider then took off in a vehicle in a hurry and then got into an automobile accident that was reportedly her fault.  You can read more about these incidents at Day Care Center Faces Criminal Charges in Minneapolis Minnesota Following Hanging of Baby.

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By  Keith Kerfeld, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney

Building Block - M - Day Care CenterIn Minnesota, day care centers are only as good as the staff that they hire.  It is important that a day care center perform a background check, train, and otherwise supervise the staff members providing care to the children enrolled in the day care program.  Due to a lack of training, supervision, or just inaction, apathy, or lazziness on behalf of the child care provider, children are far too often injured while under the care of a Minnesota day care provider.   There are two major reasons why children are harmed while under the care of a day care center:  1. Improper Maintenance of the Day Care Center; and / or 2. Improper Supervision.   Let’s address the second reason:  Improper Supervision.

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By Keith Kerfeld, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney

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For busy working parents in the State of Minnesota, it is important for a parent to select a day care center that is well run, clean, safe, and staffed with caring and trained child care providers.  It is typically a wise decision to select a day care cente that is licensed.  While a license is not guarantee that a day care is safe, the lack of a license should be a warning sign to parents during the selection of a day care center.   In Minnesota, day care centers are required to comply with Chapter 245A – Human Services Licensing, Minnesota Statutes, in order to obtain and maintain a day care center license.  Pursuant to Section 245AA.04 Application Process, Subdivision 4, a day care center applying be inspected by the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services which shall include but is not limited to the following:

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