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By David A. Wolf, Attorney
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Kids Wooden Blocks Falling As Symbol For Education And Learning
In Oklahoma and other states, hard working parents rely on day care centers for the proper supervision and education of their children.   With both single parents and dual income parents, day care centers have become a necessity in order for parents to support their children.  Most day care centers do a fine job in caring for children in a loving and nurturing way; however, there are far too many child care providers out there who lack the maturity, patience, responsibility, and common sense to serve as a proper day care provider.  While it should be well known out there that shaking a baby, infant, or toddler can cause serious permanent injuries, there continues to be incidents reported that children have been injured by forceful shaking, corporal punishment, and / or the hitting of a child.  This, in turn, caused serious head and brain injuries to child who was supposed to be cared for rather than harmed in the day care center setting and environment.
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