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Toddler Suffers Second Degree Burns at North Tulsa Oklahoma Day Care Center – Legal Rights and Responsibilities

By Roy S. Dickinson, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


An unfortunate incident occurred took place at a day care center in North Tulsa Oklahoma when one-year old Madilynn McDaniel took her shoes off while on the playground. Because the Summer heat in North Tulsa, the ground surface near the playground was extremely hot. The hot pavement at the day care center burned Madilynn’s feet and resulted in second degree burns. The incident took place at Educare, a North Tulsa child care center. Madilynn was later treated for the injuries and prescribed Loratab to help her deal with the pain.

Ashia Herron, Madilynn’s mother, was concerned regarding the care and supervision at the day care center especially as it pertained to the staff members’ response to the incident. Fox 23 News reported a story about the incident. According to the Fox 23 news report, there are some question as to how exactly the incident took place and who was involved with the incident. Because of the incident and her concerns over the care at the facility, Ms. Herron filed a report with the Tulsa Police Department and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS).

An Oklahoma day care center should be a safe haven for children not a place where personal injuries are sustained. It is well known that extreme weather (whether hot or cold) can present risks of personal injuries to children. In the hot summer months, there are risks of burns to children like this story. There are also risks of dehydration and hyperthermia to children.

When there is an injury to a child at an Oklahoma day care center, the child care staff should document attend to the needs of the child, document the incident, contact the parent, and make arrangements as necessary for further care, evaluation and observation.

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