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Videotapes of Inappropriate Conduct with Boy Leads to Arrest of Allegheny County Pennsylvania Day Care Worker

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Child abuse can take place in any day care center in any community. Studies have proven that child abuse is prevalent among any income, race, ethnic heritage, or religious faith.

A Pittsburgh day care center employee was arrested for having inappropriate conduct with children in his care. Matthew Keith Byars, 25, was arrested for allegedly videotaping inappropriate conduct with a boy that he met at Tender Care Learning Center located in Scott Township. He was released on bail but additional charges were filed on Friday and Saturday claiming that Byars sexually abused four other boys, according to authorities. Police said that three of those victims claimed that they had been assaulted several times over the last few years. Byars is currently being held at the Allegheny County Jail.

At some point, most parents have to rely on someone else to care for their children, whether it is a day care center, public school, babysitter, family, or friends. There are many signs that parents should keep an eye out for if they suspect there child has become a victim of child abuse. For example, pay close attention to your children’s eating habits; if children do not have an appetite or overeat, that could be a side effect of abuse. Other signs that abuse is present is if your child starts having nightmares or wetting the bed. For more information on this topic, see Pa. daycare worker accused in child assaults.

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