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Two Men Get Into Fight Over Arcade Game at Pennsylvania Chuck E Cheese Restaurant

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Chuck E Cheese is a popular place for kid birthday parties and for pizza. The pizza is not the greatest of quality but edible nonetheless. Chuck E Cheese caters to children with arcade games, music, and an inside play area. Children and parents receive hand stamps upon entry as a measure to deter the abduction of children from the site. Some children misbehave at Chuck E Cheese. In some instances, it is the adults who misbehave. In Manheim Township / Fruitville Pike Pennsylvania, it was reported that two man got into a fight over an arcade game that resulted in medical care and hospitalization. There have been other reported incidents at Chuck E Cheese in Pennsylvania and other States.

Due to the number of guests and children at Chuck E Cheese, it is important for the staff and management to properly supervise all areas of the result to make sure that it is a safe environment for children. Guests who display aggressive behavior or who otherwise may pose a danger to others should be asked to leave the restaurant.

Parents and adults at Chuck E Cheese should remember that children are in every part of the restaurant. Make a good example for children rather than putting them in danger by fighting or showing other aggressive behavior.

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