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University of Georgia Listed as a Top Party School – Dangers and Responsibilities of Being a College Student in Georgia

By Stephanie F. Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


When considering where colleges with your teenager, Playboy magazine offers its own unique listing of colleges in the country—the annual listing of the top party schools in the nation. Considering categories such as bikinis, sex, campus life, sports, and brains, Playboy ranked the University of Georgia Number 7 nationally. UGA even received bonus points for having the “hottest sorority girls in the country.”

UGA has consistently ranked high as a party school and in recent years has made efforts to lower their rankings by imposing rules about student drinking. Notwithstanding these efforts, even a serious ranking of colleges, the Princeton Review, places UGA at number 7 for party schools. To read more see Party College / School Rankings – University of Georgia Makes the List.

Readers of our blog might recall a posting in January about a University of Georgia college student who took partying too far. That student went to a party, got drunk and tried to drive herself home. When she stopped at a stop sign, she passed out. The police found her passed out behind the wheel of her car at the stop sign. See University of Georgia Student Stopped at Stop Sign – Passed Out Drunk.

College students have a responsibility as adults to drive with due care and caution andto refrain from dangerous conduct that may affect the health, safety, and welfare of themselves and others. Peer pressure is alive and kicking in colleges through the nation. When you combine peer pressure, immaturity, drugs, and / or alcohol in any combination, serious personal injuries and wrongful death can result.

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