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University of Northern Corlorado Professor Resigns Following Allegations Regarding Toilet Video Criminal Allegations Involving Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Raymond Vance Fulkerson worked as a professor at the University of Northern Colorado. He also had children at his home for voice and acting lessons. Professor Fulkerson has been accused of videotaping children while going to the bathroom at his home. Criminal charges were filed as a result of these alleged acts. A video camera was found in Fulkerson’s bathroom. At this time, the Professor is on leave pending the disposition of these allegations.

It is quite disturbing that people in positions of trust like professors, teachers, health care providers, and others have a sick and twisted perversion that would prompt them to commit these horrendous and immoral crimes. You can read more about this story at Professor Resigns After Allegations of Filming Children Using Bathroom.

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