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What is a Common Risk in Homes, Businesses, Hotels, Schools, and Day Care Centers? (Falling Furniture)

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In homes, day care centers, schools, businesses, hotels, homes, and other locations, there is a common risk to children. As odd as it may sound, the common risk is that of falling furniture. This includes tables, televisions, dressers, and other common items. Unfortunately, these objects and others fall on children on a far too frequent basis. As a result thereof, children suffer serious personal injuries. In some instances, the children even dies as a result of the falling furniture incident. Because of these risks, it is important for owners of day care centers, schools, businesses, hotels, and, yes, homes, to properly secure furniture to prevent the furniture from falling on a child. This is especially true for television sets including older model televisions as well as the newer ones that hang on walls.

It has been reported that over 22,000 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms every year due to falling furniture otherwise referred to as furniture tip-over incidents. It is estimated that television tip overs or falling furniture incidents account for approximately 70 % of the reported deaths from furniture related incidents. As to frequently, it is estimated that a child dies once every two weeks due to falling furniture or tip over furniture incidents according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Prevention and safety measures are key to preventing these incidents. Homeowners and property owners and managers should consider:

*Installing braces on furniture and televisions or in the alternative having a professional install braced on furniture or televisions;

*Avoiding the purchase of tall heavy furniture;

*Clearing away or getting rid of furniture or televisions that appear unsteady and / or at risk for tipping over or falling over on a child, resident, or other visitor;

*Supervising toddlers especially those that wander and tend to be curious when the child is at home or at another location like a school, day care center, hotel, friend’s house, etc. . .

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