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Wilmington Delaware Day Care Bus and SUV Crash – Personal Injuries Result from Automobile Accident

By James Bailey, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Children enrolled in day care centers rely on transportation from or through the center to get to and from the day care center. It is important for all drivers on the road to recognize that many day care programs run year run. Because of this, children are being transported year round through day care center transportation. In Wilmington, Delaware, an automobile accident was reported involving a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV and a daycare center bus. The accident resulted in personal injuries to a child who suffered a laceration on her face. You can read more about this story at Delaware Day Care Bus and SUV Crash.

Many automobile accidents are unforeseeable and no person is to blame. While other accidents can be avoided with slower speed and better attention by drivers out there on Delaware roads and highways.

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