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Licensed and Unlicensed Day Care Centers in Alabama – How Often Are Facilities Inspected?

By Scott Soutullo, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Mobile County Health Department is the only health department in Alabama that has undertaken the task of monitoring and inspecting day care centers. The Alabama Department of Human Resources is the state agency that is responsible for day care licenses, inspection, and the over all regulation of these facilities. The current structure of Alabama law and regulation allows day care centers affiliated with a church or faith based group to operate without a license from the Department of Human Resources. The day care centers that are licensed undergo an inspection every 2 years according to current regulations. Unfortunately, many day care centers that violate the regulations or have an unsafe environment in place go undetected. This, in turn, puts children at risk.

The work and efforts of the Mobile County Health Department help fill the gap or hole created by the license and regulation system in place for day care centers. It is important that day care centers follow the regulations. Those facilities that are not licensed should responsibly provide for a safe environment for the children. In addition, consistent supervision of the children can help avoid serious personal injuries / deaths in the day care setting. You can read more about the Mobile County Health Department and the issue of licensed / unlicensed day care centers at Alabama Day Care Centers – Licensed / Unlicensed Facilities.

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