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Palmsdale, California Boy Playing “Cops and Robbers” Shot by Deputy

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Children love playing pretend with toy guns. Unfortunately, a simple toy gun can be mistaken for a weapon which, in turn, can lead to dangerous and deadly consequences. In Palmdale, California, a deputy sheriff shot a 15 year old who was playing with a toy gun. Apparently, the child was playing “cops and robbers” and pointed the gun at a deputy sheriff / police officer. Since the toy resembled a real gun, the deputy responded by shooting the teenager.

An investigation will be conducted to determine if the police officer used an appropriate amount of force to respond to the situation. Young children and teenagers should be careful when playing with a toy gun. While the child may know the gun is a fake or a toy, others including police officers cannot always easily tell the difference. You can read more about this story at California Boy Playing with Toy Gun Shot by Deputy Sheriff.

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