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San Francisco Middle School – Students Consume Poison Mistaken for Candy

By Scott A. Marks, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


According to authorities, seven middle school students in San Francisco, California, were taken to the hospital after they ingested rat poison, which they mistakenly took for candy. The incident occurred at Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Middle school. A student told a parent about ingesting a blue cube found atop of filing a cabinet. A teacher later contacted poison control. Although the students showed no symptoms, they were taken to the hospitals for precautionary reasons. School officials say the incident is under investigation. To read more on this story please see Middle school students taken to hospital after ingesting rat poison mistaken for candy.

Children are inherently curious and do not always understand the dangers of their surroundings. It is an adult’s and other responsible person’s responsibility to lock away all poisons or other toxic chemicals – this is applies to the home as well as day care centers and schools. It is common for children to ingest cleaning products or other toxic chemicals because of brightly colored packing and designs. To read more on poison control around the home, school and day care facility please read Dishwashing Detergent Capsules Pose Risk for Children.

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