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By David Wolf, Child Injury Lawyer is common to see fairs, amusement parks, and festivals in just about every community on a regular basis. When a person visits an area with amusement rides, it is the rightful expectation of the the visitor that the rides are safe, that the rides are inspected, and that the rides are well maintained.  Unfortunately, for some visitors, including children, a fair, theme park, amusement park, or festival is the site of an accident or incident that causes serious personal injuries.  When a ride breaks down or malfunctions, a person can be put at great danger for personal injuries.  This applies to both adults and children.  For each State, there is a division of government that regulates and inspects fairground rides and amusement park rides.  Typically, the duties and responsibilities for inspection fall under the Department of Agriculture but it does depend on the specific State laws and regulations.  Regardless of the particular entity charged with this responsibility, it is vital that business owners, property owners and promoters comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations. Furthermore, additional steps should be taken to make sure that the rides are safe and well maintained.  When the ride is in operation, it is important that all safety measures are taken with respect to the overall control of the ride and the individual seats and ride units.  All latches should be secured and seatbelt should be worn as provided.

When an adult or a child is injured as a result of the negligence of a fair, amusement park, theme park, festival, and / or the seller, distributor, or manufacturer of the ride, a case or claim can and should be brought on behalf of the injury victim.  David Wolf is a personal injury attorneys with over 26 years of experience.  He has handled personal injury cases on behalf of children in many communities.  He is the author of 11 books including the book titled – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know.  This book has a section on Theme Park and Amusement Park Personal Injuries.  You can get this book for free at The ABCs of Child Injury
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By David A. Wolf, Attorney – Child Injury Lawyer Blog

Amusement Park Personal Injuries.001In Tennessee and other States, there have been reported incidents or accidents at theme parks or amusement parks involving children.  Amusement parks and theme parks welcome children and specifically advertise to families and children.  As such, the owners and operators of amusement parks and theme parks should make sure that the rides are safe, that the rides are well maintained, and that the rides are properly supervised by trained and diligent ride attendants.   When an adult or child is injured at a theme park or amusement park, there are essentially four legal elements to prove to establish as claim or case:

1. Duty;

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