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By David Wolf, Attorney

Published by Child Injury Lawyer Blog

Fireworks Personal InjuriesThere are certain times of the year in which the sales and ultimate ignition / explosion of fireworks are prevalent – July 4th (Independence Day), New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.  It is at these very times of year that there are reports of both minor and serious personal injuries suffered by innocent children and adults merely in the area of the fireworks at bystanders and spectators.

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By  Keith Kerfeld, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney

Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

Fireworks - Child SafetyDuring the month of July and especially on or near the Fourth of July, fireworks are commonly ignited. Some fireworks are set off at the family home while others are at a more former celebration like a public park, downtown area, community center, or stadium.  It is vital that fireworks are ignited in the safest manner possible.  Unfortunately, despite the known risks of fireworks, children are injured every year.  Many such personal injuries are preventable.

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